ArtEZ BA dance research week (2020)

Things. Performers. Spectators. The theatre space. Lights. Air. Attention. And everything else. Assembled.

During a week of research in September 2020, Korina Kordova collaborated with students of the BA dance program Ashley Ho, Yasmine Ho, Jill Kupers, Beatrice Leni, Polina Nikolaeva, Adrian Thommes and Selina Tuijnenburg. They worked on movement practices that focused on shifts of attention and on perception as an action. By perceiving their bodies, the forces acting within and upon them, and a number of extrahuman human bodies as inseparable entities, they practiced entanglements.

They developed sketches of individual scores and practiced them simultaneously, developing strategies to create an environment to be shared between themselves, extrahuman entities and spectators. Taking the idea of a forest as an ethical framework, they attempted to create an ecosystem by constantly (re)distributing agency whilst maintaining plurality.