participatory performance

GEM FOREST is a performance where human and extrahuman bodies are guided by an ancient voice.

It is a journey, an oracular consultation and creative labor.

It is a process of simultaneously creating and moving through a forest inhabited by entities from the past and from the future.

GEM FOREST is an open field where the primitive and the dangerous meet, gaze, breathe, move, grief and celebrate.

GEM FOREST is participatory performance that happens in a forest of inorganic matter set in an indoor space. The spectators create the space by activating it guided by an aural score. A voice invites them to move through and become part of the GEM FOREST by focusing on possible relations between human and extrahuman bodies. At times, the Oracle who sees the event through a screen somewhere else in the Planet, intervenes by giving live poetic readings of the performance situation.

GEM FOREST was created for the festival prototype “The Artist is Absent” (October 2020), in the frame of the Home of Performance Practices master program at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, Netherlands. The festival was designed, curated and realized by Anushka Nair, Barbara Lehtna and Foivi Psevdou. The spectator/activator was Ella Tighe.