A micro-residency at 4bid gallery in Amsterdam sharing artistic practices and research materials with artists Emily Welther and Irina Baldini. The residency was organized in the frame of the module “Wild Bodies”, designed by our cohort at Home of Performance Practices master programme at ArtEZ University of the Arts.

During a weekend at the gallery we talked about our researches and agreed on doing a sort of instant composition session. For an hour, we played with juxtapositions of our audiovisual materials and physically responded to the image-movements they created.

The materials I was working with were mostly documentations of an artistic residency I had at Casa Bicho, in the Brazilian Amazon, in the Fall 2020. I also tested (and failed) my oracular practice, some language based material and played with a couple of 3D printed copies of rocks I have transposed from the Amazon to the Netherlands as a way of stretching the landscape and attempting to reactivate some of its immaterial dimensions.