BID Writing Essay

Delivery Date: 12 February 2020 | taught by: Dr. Pavlos Kountouriotis

Summary | We will continue working on your essay and we will see a specific example. Prepare a summary of your essay (half a page), in which you include what performance(s) you will discuss, what theoretical concepts you will use and what (you anticipate) will be the point you will be making. Add a provisional plan of the structure of the essay (half a page). Bring two copies to class.

Transgression – way of exposing the imperceptible

Deleuze – becoming imperceptible, becoming animal, BwO (new possibilities, wilderness, against utilitarism) – Transgression as a way to becoming imperceptible (difference between being and becoming)

Transgression – self-reinvention (from philosophical, political, psychoanalitical perspectives) – a way of abandoning our own normativity

nakedness, nudity, abjection – ex.: which body am I looking through “nakedness”? my physical body, my body of work?

Eroticism (idealized body) and pornography – ??relation between abjection and pornography?? (Pornoklasta)

“skin” as the interface between the private and the public – porosity of the skin

The abject threatens subjectivity. the more o talk about it the less strong it is

What is the abject in my work? ex.: trash performances can be the abject of bodies of works

Foucault – disciplinarian authority – productivity – utilitarism

Camp – is not a development of the character. The character is intensified through repetition and insistence, persistence

Failure and its revealing aspects. What can it achieve.

Queer as a way of cruising utopias – becoming imperceptible, by queering the practice we create futurities (potentialities)

Queer can be decolonizing

Artivism – art that has a goal out of itself

“Hope is the failure of reality” (Pavlos)

Essay – reflection about the learning during Bodies in Dissent – connect it with theories and artists/works that relate to this. Connect the contextual and operational perspectives.

Did I go against something against some of my “principles”

Reflection: about difficulties and what I still haven’t managed to do. About breakthroughs

Most important in the essay: Discover the social-political consequences in the reflection

Bring up Derrida: “Only islands” – Reflective Journal – research on writting models

Conclusion: pratical info/ experiences that can be further develop the research