Dramaturgy through the lens of Poetics – Day 1

Poiesis – Poetics – Imagination

Forms in my research:

  • becoming
  • forms in the background and in the foreground are interchangeable (in terms of matter, content and action)
  • affect

About form:

  • Manchev – you need a limit to form in order to understand transformation
  • important to have clear parameters
  • is always dynamic – we have to identify the dynamism

Poetics is an encounter with form.

virtual (formlessness): potentiality that hasn’t yet been actuatized.

Poiesis: ask “how does it work?” instead of “what does it mean?”

Proposal: Everyday of the week, think of an “object” to be performed. Unsecure form so that the idea moves.

Object Day 1 – to perform the score with headphones live in the studio