Dramaturgy through the lens of Poetics – Day 2

Form / Formlessness

What is a stable form? – It is a conception

Understand formlessness as a process of undoing form

Start from the middle – Deleuze

Work with and through the unstable

Improvisation reveals what forms are already there

Formlessness and potentiality are conected.

Manchev – for thansformation to exist there must be a limit


Bataille – base matter, lower than low / an analogy between base matter (scatological) to the “lower”, marginalized layers of the society (misérables)

“identity” produces the social forms (ex.: whiteness produces blackness) – historicity. The ideologies (eg. neoliberalism) produces new subjectivities, base on how lives are organised, on the expectations towards behavior.

Hanna Arendt

labor is connected to survival

work towards a final product

praxis -> political

arts need to be always in relation to politics -> in disagreement

Artworks are political (work), not the artistic practice (she’s interested in the public sphere)

How the work has an afterlife after it has been “concluded”. The effects it will cause and go through

“holistic approach” to art -> not necessarily differentiation between process and final work.

Object Day 2: I asked a group of performers to do the score in the studio. Instructions: The score starts with a group meditation on its key ideas. Find a spot in the room, choose a position and close your eyes. I then read the score while walking around the space [whilst doing it, I thought the sound should move around the space]. Time frame: 15 min. (it went a bit over that)