Dramaturgy through the lens of Poetics – Dr. Konstantina Georgelou & Dr. João da Silva

Delivery Date: 27 – 31 January 2020 | taught by: Dr. Konstantina Georgelou & Dr. João da Silva

module synopsis | In this seminar we will approach dramaturgy with and through modes of art making and composition. We will start from the belief that one’s activities during the making of performances engage with modes of production that evoke principles, affects, formations, discourse and imagery, of material and immaterial kind. The aim of this seminar is to allow dramaturgical awareness to emerge from within the poetics, regarded here as the ‘activity of form’ (Manchev, 2015) that is integral to artistic work. What can be expressed by, with and in form? By sharing and discussing poetics collectively, we will attend to the thoughts, expressions and generative modes of production through everyone’s work.

Reflection | https://korinakordova.wordpress.com/amazonizing-choreographic-perspectives-poiesis-praxis-and-something-else/

Time Plan and Lecture Reader

27.01 | Introduction: collective reading; discussion; practical exercises

  • Allsopp, Ric (2007) ‘Open Work – Postproduction – Dissemination’, delivered at ArtEZ Dance Unlimited conference.
  • Cvejić, Bojana (2018) ‘Towards a poetics of Imagination’, in e-tcetera. https://e-tcetera.be/towards-a-poetics-of-imagination/
  • Luoto, Miika (2015) ‘Work, Practice, Event: On the Poetic Character of the Work of Art’, in Practicing Composition: Making Practice: Texts, Dialogues and Documents 2011-2013, ed. by Kirsi Monni and Ric Allsopp, Helsinki: University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy.


28.01 | Form and formlessness: discussion of assigned literature; practical exercises that explore the un-becoming and activity of form

  • Georgelou, Konstantina (2014) “Abjection and Informe: operations of debasing”, Performance Research Journal ‘On Abjection’ 19: 01, 25-32.
  • Manchev, Bojan (2015) ‘The New Arachne: Towards a poetics of dynamic forms’, in Performance Research 20:1, 18-26.


29.01 | Open-Form Composition and Improvisation: discussion and practical explorations

  • Da Silva, João (2010) O’Donnell’s Open-Form Composition (OFC): A Possible Stance to Abridge the Divide Improvisation-Composition in Dance?
  • da Silva, João (2017) Reflections on Improvisation, Choreography and Risk-Taking in Advanced Capitalism, Helsinki: University of the Arts Helsinki.


30.01 | Speculation Imagination: discussion of assigned literature; practical exercises that explore imagination and speculation as poetic and generative material

  • Benjamin, Walter (1920-21) ‘Imagination’. Unpublished in Benjamin’s lifetime; translated by R. Livingstone.
  • Shaviro, Steven (2014) ‘Introduction’, in The Universe of Things: On Speculative Realism, Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press.

31.01 |  Public sharing, peer-feedback

Additional Literature:

Allsopp, Ric (2015) ‘Some Notes on Poetics and Choreography’, in Performance Research 20:1, 4-12.

Cvejić, Bojana (2016) ‘An Unfaithful Return to Poetics <in four arguments>’, http://www.academia.edu/26017003/An_Unfaithful_Return_to_Poetics_in_four_arguments_

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Georgelou, K. (2018) “Form-of-Life as radical togetherness: ‘new materialist’ expansions of choreography”. In BODIES THAT MATTER AGAIN – Transformative potentialities of shape shifting corporealities in contemporary performing arts, edited by Marina Gržinić and Aneta Stojnić, Palgrave Macmillan.

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