Environments of Expanded Acting – day 1

Theatre without Actors – rehearsing new modes of co-presence | by Pedro Manuel

Theatre of Death – Kantor – Dead Class – mannequins made of wax

context for emergence of theatre without actors:

“modernity” (technologies that are based in the materiality, industries, etc)

automation, capitalism – actors are “precariate”

Limited resources


double human presence through technology – ex: 1 live actor and 1 digital image projected

human presence through technology when there’s no human presence – Castelucci Le Sacre de Printemps (“choreographed rain” of bone ash to the sound of Stravinsky) – the technical room, which is not viewed by the spectator, is where the human part of the crew performs.

Scores: giving instructions to the audience (ex. soundtrack on the radio) / written scores

Fabrica Ciudades Paralelas: there is space within the score for the non-actors outsourced in different cities to include their own personal

Co-presence between animal and human performers (Kroot J.)