Environments of Expanded Acting – day 2

All presence is mediated. Performance becomes itself through disaappearance.

Amelia Jones:

  • traces
  • historical references (learned though documentation)
  • mediation through the material that arrives to us before we see the performance
  • performance and documentation are created at the same time
  • questioning if the presence of the spectator is needed (do I need to be there to understand, to write about a performance)

Philip Auslander:

  • noticed in rock music how the performance of musicians follow the documentation (music edited in the studio and most known by spectators)

Peggy Phellan

works without professionally trained performers:

Naturality strikes back – paradoxical: technology is always revealed


Tony Oursler – installation / video – | video-mask

machines on stage with an element – “The Theatre of Ears” | he wanted the spectator to give more attention to the text, he removed the human actor

Denis Marleau – video performances / digital reproduction of faces


Becket (3 men inside funerary vases)

A two dogs company – “Huminid”, “Dancer”

Try to technologicaly emulate human presence

Uncanny Valley: paradoxical attraction and repulsion from a human towards a robot

Annie Dorsen – “Hello Hi There” | created from the dialogue between Noam Chomsky and Foucault. It is a chat that reconfigures the converstion, delivered by 2 computers

Heiner Goebbels (text)

William Forsythe – Choreographic Objects | deanthropomorphize – industrial robot taken out of the industrial landscape and placed in the museum (black flags waving)