Environments of Expanded Acting – day 3

Autonomous participatory works

dispositive (Foucault) / apparatus (Agamben) – structure of control / choreography

even though there is no specific “fiction” introduced through the dispositive, there can be modulations of subjectivity of the spectators through the different actions proposed by the dispositive.

balance between invitation, guidance, control

“Sometimes participatory art tries to be like a church but it ends up being like an airport” (Lucia)

Janet Cardiff: “Audio Walks” – individual experience. You go into public space listening to the sound track.

“Etiquette” – by Anton Hamptom – 2 person performance / they hear 2 diferent soundtracks/scores and follow it whilst sitting together in a restaurant.

“Autoteatro” – Silvia Mercuriali


driesverhoven.com – “You are here”

Emke Idema “Stranger”

rimini-protokoll.de – “Deutschland 2” (theater) – participants are in the formaer parlament house in Bonn. They listen to a live audio from the actual parliament in Berlin and speak impersonating the politicians. “Nachlass”

Tim Etchells – SMS (Short Message Spectacle)

artistic camouflage: when a sort of dispositive is kind of hidden to blend into “reality”

Ivana Muller – “We are Still Watching” – form of a “reading rehearsal”; temporary community.

Emilie Gallier – “Sync” – written score delivered to the performance in a book. Collective reading experience

Zhana Ivanova – uses instructions. presence, performances and visuality | text that not only describes an action, but also prescribes an action (like in our pre-score)