Environments of Expanded Acting – day 4

make appear the appearance

staging of non-actors – staging animals – environments

how makers deslocate things of real life or choreograph the attention and the gaze of the audience – how to address “reality”

appearance – what stands there in reality. what is given

is not about what is staged but how the makers stage the things – strategies

why is there a refusal of acting? What is the search about?

paradox: it could be seen as an ultrarealistic work, but the dispositive is revealed, what goes against “realist” theatre

“Never work with Children and Animals”- text – unpredictability, safety

Staging of objects and natural phenomena – Heiner Goebells

There is something of works with children that has an aspect of community art regarding the process of development of the work

experience – experiment –

GobSquad – Kitchen (film)

Rimini Protokoll – “Call Cutta” / “Chácara Paraíso” (Brasil)

“Going to the Dogs – piece only with dogs

“Mass” – Kris Verdonk (A two dogs company)

“The large movement” – Dries Verhoven – film with disembodied voice and rewinding back beyond the point of departure (Asian woman)