Environments of Expanded Acting – Dr. Pedro Manuel

Delivery Date: 20 – 24 January 2020 | taught by: Dr. Pedro Manuel

module synopsis | The module Environments of Expanded Acting aims at conveying contemporary practices of performing without the presence and agency of professionally trained performers. Accordingly, the module will focus on forms of staging in theatre and choreography that entail forms of staging the perception of the real, recurring to agents such as non-actors, animals, technology or audiences themselves. The contents of the module will depart from the examples and terminology of Pedro Manuel’s PhD thesis.

The module will begin by looking into the absenting of the professionally trained human performer, and progress towards the including of the non-professional and non-human in environments of performative enacting. In this way, the module will aim at describing a progression from absence to presence or, to be precise, a passage from a dualist account of co-presence as a relation exclusively held between humans, to a non-dualistic view of co-presence, associating the organic and the inorganic, the living and the inanimate, the rehearsed and the unrehearsed.

“Death and other matters” | https://korinakordova.wordpress.com/death-and-other-matters/

Introductory Reading

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Recomended Reading

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Time Plan

20.01 | introduction to the theme; lecture on the tutor’s phd dissertation with selected texts/ pieces; introducing group assignments (3h), group work (2h) collective discussion (1h) | https://korinakordova.wordpress.com/environments-of-expanded-acting-day-1/

21.01 | lecture on the notion of unrehearsed, considering the staging of non-actors and animals (3h), group work (2h) collective discussion (1h) | https://korinakordova.wordpress.com/environments-of-expanded-acting-day-2/

22.01 | lecture on forms of staging the real, theatricality and co-presence (3h), group work (2h) collective discussion (1h) | https://korinakordova.wordpress.com/environments-of-expanded-acting-day-3/

23.01 | lecture on supporting theoretical discourses: intermediality, spectrality studies, object-oriented philosophies (3h), group work (2h) collective discussion (1h) | https://korinakordova.wordpress.com/environments-of-expanded-acting-day-4/

24.01 | Group presentations, peer-feedback | https://korinakordova.wordpress.com/environments-of-expanded-acting-day-5/