Lecture 1: Introduction – The Body in Performance – Dr. Pavlos Kontouriotis

Delivery Date: 16.09.2019 | lecturer: Dr. Pavlos Kontouriotis

This introductory lecture will focus on establishing a base for departure for a research on the ideas behind body performances.

What is performance? / What are performance studies? / How can the theatrical paradigm explain the social conditions? / What do we mean by the term “body” and how does the body perform? / What is the purpose of Live/Body Art (to shock?) ? / What is the necessity of the Explicit Body in Performance?

Introductory Reading

Schechner, R. (2002). Performance studies: An introduction. London: Routledge. pp. 28- 51 | summary: https://korinakordova.wordpress.com/performance-studies-an-introduction-richard-schechner/

Compulsory Reading

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Keywords and names: https://korinakordova.wordpress.com/lecture-1-keywords-and-names/

Recommended Reading

Blackman, L. (2008). Key Concepts: The Body. Oxford: Berg. Pp. 37-58. Striff, E. (2003). Introduction: Locating Performance Studies. In E. Striff (ed.), Performance Studies. Readers in cultural criticism. New York: Palgrave McMillan. pp. 1-13

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Notes: https://korinakordova.wordpress.com/notes-lecture-1-introduction-the-body-in-performance/