Masterclass: “How to make a living as an artist” – Tamara Roos

Make a living as an artist and connect to the art world

What is strategy?

psychological game


decide on how to walk the way (this can be reassessed at any moment)

Goal as s set of stances / circumstances (not one point within a timeline, but many points)

Use past experience for devising strategy

decide your strategy or discover a strategy?

Take 10 minutes to formulate your professional goal in the future according to the SMART methodology (in a moment of 2, 5, 10 years)

S specific ——> to created a bridge between my work as a MTP student and my professional work in São Paulo

M measurable ——> if I can manage to profit at all by “selling” my works to Sesc

A assignable ——> I already have a project written in collaboration with a Berlin-based artist supported by a competent Brazilian producer

R realistic ——> I would like to be able to give continuity to the collaborations I had started while living in Europe till 2016, without disconnecting to my native country/ city

T time-related ——> 2 years

work: practice / documentation / dissemination: each can be autonomous and “sold”