Module 2: Designing the Body of Research

module synopsis | This module provides students with a range of approaches to artistic research and skills necessary for undertaking artistic research as part of their degree. It will be based on a series of seminars, lectures, technical workshops and tutorials that allow the student to critically develop a written and practice-based prototype or first version of the degree submission. The module aims to encourage the production of relevant source materials, plans, conceptual and technical experimentation and research work, which maps the subject matter and the formal strategies to be employed. Through the lectures and seminars students will examine and explore the varied and multiple methods involved in researching, proposing and developing a critical media production. This will include the politics and ethics of research, examining digital media production through textual analysis, the use of archival and electronic sources and the relationship of discursive theoretical positions to production- based work. Students are expected to produce a draft proposal which through tutor and peer feedback is later developed into a full practical research proposal which will be informed by the lecture/seminar content of the module.

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Mandatory reading |

Summaries |

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Introduction to Module, Identifying Artistic Research, it’s dimensions and its own relationship to these | Dr. João da Silva | 20.09.2019 |

Lecture – Choreographic Figures: Deviations from the Line | Dr. Mariela Greil | 24.09.2019 |

Performative Explorations of Artistic Research | Dr. João da Silva | 01.10.2019 |

Non-theatrical Performance | Dr. Jeremiah Day | 02.10.2019 |

Writing Lab | Dr. Maeve O’Brien Braun | 02.10.2019 |

Practice-as-Research | Dr. Pavlos Kontouriotis | 03.10.2019 |

Practice-as-Research and proposal writing | Dr. Pavlos Kontouriotis | 04.10.2019 |

Reading in Performance, Lire en Spectacle | Emilie Gallier | 04.10.2019 |

Artistic Research: perspectives, methods, experiments, examples | Suzan Tuncan | 07.10.2019 |

Writing Lab | Dr. Maeve O’Brien Braun | 08.10.2019 |

Example of AR practice | Henry Alles | 09.10.2019 |

Research Delivery – Operations | Dr. Pavlos Kontouriotis | 10.10.2019 |

Wrap up module – looking ahead / discussion readings | Dr. João da Silva | 11.10.2019 |