Notes: Lecture 6 – Documentation & Liveness

Delivery Date: 26.09.2019 | lecturer: Fenia Kotsopoulou


documentation fixes a moment, an aspect of the performance in time

We recreate memory every time we activate it.

Manuel Vason – collaboration with performance artists

matters of authorship

people will see the work in the future through the lenses of the photographer

Documentation is the work: Claudia Muller?

anthotype: fixing images with innk made from the pigments of flowers

photography is not fixed

what do we use to create a document? how to document my work?

Act of documenting: what senses do they activate

our documents: objects relating to the act of making, hair, harddrive, skin, text, info in paper from the

“Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Era”

“Documenting Performance” – edit by Toni Sant

“Darc Collective”

  • indexicality – documents as an indexical sign
  • complementarity – providing info /
  • materiality aspect (form, media used to create the document)
  • communicational aspect (varying in each culture) e.g. tattoos in the Amazon

Julia Tolentino – reenactments. To perform how the work is happening through her body

In you do not know the code of the document, it becomes irrelevant (Rosetta Stone situation)

Be aware that the documentation of your work could be decontextualised and used against you.

Not documenting work is also an artistic position

Document: what you choose to represent your work in time

How to document any sensorial experience (five senses) – a soup of enormous amount of variables we have no control of

!!!!! ways of treating the dead as a form of documentation (position of burial and objects can provide info related to the position of the individual in the society)

How can we re-produce a feeling, sensation to an audience that did not witness the live act itself.

Heidi Hatry – NY: commemorates lost ones with creamation portraits made out of ashes and wax. The works are commissioned by people who lost loved ones. The artist is German. (interview on youtube)

Tino Sehgal – escaping documentation —–> generating unauthorised documents

Collaborations possible to create documents of specific aspects of the work (e.g. traces in space, kinesthetic empathy descriptions etc)

Lynn Hershman Leeson – creating a persona – defined by the negative space of her life

Vito Acconci – “Following piece” (1969) – following people and documenting with mapas, photos / “Acconci’s Trademarks” – bitting himslef and documenting it

Cassils – “Pissed” (2017) – 200 days collecting urine in orange medical botlles

Manuel Vason – “Double Exposures”