Research Proposal – 1st year

Research question: How can one deploy the embodiment of conceptions of Amazonian corporality to create a movement practice that can be used as a platform for creating performances?

How can one embody conceptions of Amazonian


  • Develop the Amazonizing tool box: embodied practices for the impossible task of creating other bodies based on anthropologist’s Els Lagrou research around the conception of body of the Kaxinawa tribe in Acre (BR).
  • Introduce concepts, ideas and notions around the body and humanity belonging to ancient Amazonian knowledge in the practice-led artistic research field.


  • Deepen knowledge about anthropophagic Amazonian tribes’ cosmology, conceptions of body and humanity and cannibalism and funerary rituals through the lenses of Brazilian anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro Amerindian Perspectivism)
  • Devise a body practice focused on exposing, moving and transforming vibration
  • Further develop my body practice that uses the respiratory system as ignition for movement into creating altered states of consciousness and perception.
  • Design a framework for sharing the tools in a performance event


  • Literature Review:
  • Viveiros de Castro, Eduardo. Cannibal Metaphysics. Trans. Peter Skafish. Minneapolis: Univocal Publishing, 2014
  • Lagrou, Els. A Fluidez da Forma. 2017
  • Massumi, Brian. The autonomy of Affect. Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press, 1995
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  • Kohn, Eduardo. How Forests Think – Toward an Anthropology Beyond the Human. 2013
  • Haraway, Donna. When Species Meet. 2008
  • Post-dance
  • go back to other papers previously analysed
  • Engage in the embodied practice of “Topologias da Carne: creative processes in contemporary dance or how to create a Body without Organs for oneself” – Juliana Soares Bom-tempo and Aline Pinheiro Salamin
  • Follow Steve Paxton’s 1977 Small Dance Guidance (with notes added in 2008)
  • Experiment in and outside the studio on the notion of “Second Body” proposed by artists Alina Popa and Florian Flueras
  • Kundalini yoga practice
  • Reiki practice
  • Improvisation practice
  • Eastern practices focusing on breath and and circulation of energy
  • Experiment with yoni-eggs
  • Somatic movement practices (call for imagination)